Wholesale For use only with Nespresso Vertuo Next Vertuoline Reusable Stainless Steel Capsule Refillable Coffee Filter with Original Pod

【Compatible Machines】: Only compatible with VERTUO NEXT machines, it needs to be brewed in combination with the original 230 ML capsule box. (This is the only stainless steel capsule in our shop that is suitable for VERTUO NEXT, specially developed for VERTUO NEXT machines).

【Upgraded Version】: Better performance and new design to provide a better coffee brewing experience. Choose MG Coffee when ordering as we do not offer resellers the right to sell.

【HIGH QUALITY】: Unlimited refills, save money, you will get: 1 Stainless Steel Refillable Coffee Pod, 1 Plastic Spoon, 1 Cleaning Brush

【Eco-friendly】: Save up to 90% of the cost compared to pre-filled single-serving capsules, 3. High quality, unlimited refills, save money.

【Giveaway】: You will get 3 empty filter pods (1*80ml+1*150ml+1*230ml) as a gift, so you can use stainless steel capsules with these 3 filter pods, no original filter pods needed.