Wholesale Hand-cranked Bean Grinder Coffee Bean Grinder Stainless Steel Core Double-shaft Grinder Household Portable Manual Coffee Machine

Special high nitrogen just large size grinding movement

High-precision CNC integrated cutting and forming, the cutting effect of tooth toughness from top to bottom is very good

The seven-star grinding movement is more
suitable for boutique hand-brewed coffee, Italian coffee, French
coffee, etc., belonging to the all-round grinder

The secret to fast grinding

High-precision grinding cores and discs

Not only the grinding speed is fast, but also very fine coffee powder can be ground

Meet the effect of professional coffee brewing

One-piece double bearing design, smooth grinding without jamming, and even powder output

Point-type digital thickness adjustment, easy to remember and adjust the thickness scale

(Easy to deal with different coffee bean
powder thickness requirements of various coffee pots such as pour-over
coffee, moka pot, siphon pot, French press pot, etc.)