Wholesale TIMEMORE Chestnut C3 Manual Coffee Grinder S2C Burr Inside High Quality Coffee Milling Portable Hand Grinder New Arrival

The biggest difference between C3 and C2manual grinder is that C3 has been upgrad-ed with new burr.

The newly designed 38mm S2C 660 burr isapplied to C3 manual grinder.

Better grinding quality and more uniformparticle consistency enable us to obtainbetter coffee flavor cleanliness, rich andbalanced quality and strong body.

If you are looking for a cost-effective andprofessional grinder, C3 will be your priority.

Product Parameters

Product Name :Timemore Chestnut C3 Coffee Grinder
Size:Body147mm x52mm,Handle 159mm
Weghit: 430g
Colour:Matte Black
Hopper Capacity: APPROX.25g
Material: Aluminum+Stainless Steel+PC
Burrs:SUS420 stainless steel S2C660 BURR 38mm

Reminder : water washing is forbidden for the grinder,use the cleaning brush to clean it after grinding