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The decrease in flow velocity and cut-off during ice drop production are basic physical phenomena and are normal. Most ice drip pots on the market, including this product, cannot overcome this problem. Taimo ice drip pots are equipped with a filter for placing under the ice cubes, which can reduce the probability of deceleration and cut-off.

Q: Why does the ice drop slow down and cut off the flow?
A: Due to the decrease in the amount of water in the ice dripping process, the pressure will gradually decrease, resulting in a decrease in the flow rate. At the same time, the ice-water mixture will increase the tension of the water at a low temperature. When it reaches a certain value, the flow will be cut off.

Q: How to reduce the probability of deceleration and interruption?
A: It is recommended to use more water and less ice for extraction, try to ensure sufficient water in the whole process, which is conducive to the smooth completion of the drip extraction.