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FISSMAN S/S Coffee Maker

Applicable Stove: General Use for Gas and Induction Cooker


We recommend to per-clean the item and remove any residues,oils and dirt from manufacturing as follows.

Disassemble the Espresso maker:unscrew a bottom compartment and remove a filter,a gasket and a filter funnel insert.

Wash the coffee maker with amild detergent,rinse and dry immediately with a soft dish towel.

Fill the lower part of the stovetop Espresso maker with cold fresh water.It is important not to fill over asafety release valve.

Place the filter funnel,the gasket and the upper filter back,carefully screw the top compartment onto the lower compartment and make sure that all parts are connected without gaps.

Pace the Espresso maker onto your stovetop at moderate heat and wait until water boils.Then remove the coffee maker from the stove and pour water out.Repeat this procedure twice.

This will thoroughly clean the unit.